Pells Pool video

A few weeks ago thanks to the kindness of Rob Read I was lucky enough to visit Pells Pool with my good friend James McCauley and his lovely wife Annie to play around with Go Pro cameras before the pool opened to the public.

The pool is spring fed and at over 150 years old is the oldest freshwater outdoor swimming pool in the UK. I can’t recommend a visit highly enough…it really is very special.

I used the opportunity to test my Chinese Go Pro copy too (£36 off eBay!) which I know does a more than good enough job for me when walking or cycling but I hadn’t yet tried underwater…

…the footage is below – on the whole it did well, especially considering the price. Certainly good enough for my daughter to put on her wetsuit when she goes in the sea on holiday. Underwater it seemed to struggle with some of the tones and the contrast between incredibly bright sunlight and shade, crunching things down to a much reduced palette of blues, so I’ve tweaked the footage to make it a bit more deliberately unreal rather than the slightly “off” colouring the raw footage had.

It needed music so that’s me on the piano, playing a piece I wrote last year: this is a bit of a leap for me as I don’t normally record what I write and often forget how to play things after a few weeks (much to the annoyance of my wife!). It has some mistakes as I did it a bit hurriedly straight into my mp3 recorder, but it’ll do for now, and maybe one day I’ll go back to playing around with GarageBand and re-record it properly 🙂